...quality based on technology

Various assignments and requirements that are requested by our contract clients find a good basis in our modern and technology-efficient sites and facilities. A few key words to this end will hopefully give you a first impression. Furthermore, we would be glad to show you more in a personal presentation in one of our factories.


  • 5 Vacuum tanks for emulsion and gel products (1,000 - 6,000 liters)
  • 8 heated tanks (4,500 - 10,000 liters) for diverse products
  • Machine for the direct processing a of 70% concentration of WAS for products such as shower baths and foam baths
  • Diverse mixing tanks and melting pots/boilers in various sizes and fittings
  • Water treatment plant (UV sterilization/microfiltration)
  • Storage tanks for raw materials and bulk
  • 3 Conti TDS powder moistening machines



  • 7 aerosol lines for the expanding agents propane/butane and DME (in any desired combination)
  • 6 bottle-filling systems (full and semi-automatic) with labelling option
  • High performance filling lines for plastic- and metal tubes
  • Manually operated unit for special products


  • Diverse units for shrinking and sleevering
  • Folding box machine
  • Manual packaging assembly line