Double capacity

Our services

In addition to production and packaging, we also offer sole filling of the respective product. Production takes place in our plants in Norderstedt or Lübtheen—but can also be carried out on a parallel basis if required in order to double capacity.


We produce according to the individual requirements of our customers/clients. With over 50 years of experience, we actively support you in the scale-up process, from the laboratory approach through pilot series to the 10-t approach.

  • Shower baths & shampoos
  • Deodorants
  • Shaving foam and shaving water
  • Body and face care
  • Care emulsions and peelings
  • Hair styling products
  • Mouthwashes
  • Sun protection
Produktionshalle der Rudolf Dankwardt GmbH
Produktionsanlage von Rudolf Dankwardt


Our ultra-modern and flexible filling systems enable the filling of a wide variety of containers:

  • Aerosols for various requirements
  • Liquids in a wide variety of sizes
  • Emulsions in tubes and jars
Value chain

Anything is possible. Also on an individual basis.

Our services are based on a modular system. You can take advantage of individual modules and combine them, or you can opt for the complete package right away. Dankwardt is therefore the right address to handle concrete outsourcing projects such as product filling, but also helps to develop a product idea from start to ready for the market.

Value Chain Module

Project Management

Do you have an idea for a product and need help with its implementation? Or do you already have a finished formula that is just waiting to be launched on the market?

Dankwardt accompanies you through your individual creative process to the final product.

Dankwardt  – Projektmanagement

Research & Development

Dankwardt has many years of know-how in formulation and production. We support you in getting your own product idea from start to ready for the market.

If you wish, our team can also develop exclusive formulations according to your personal requirements. Of course, we are also happy to purchase raw materials and packaging from your personal retailer.

Dankwardt verfügt über ein langjähriges Know-how in der Formulierung und Herstellung

Manufacture of Cosmetics

A large number of manufacturing facilities at the highest technical level ensure fast production and certified quality.

  • Various production sites with and without ATEX approval
  • 5 vacuum vessels for emulsions or gel products (1,000-6,000 l)
  • 8 heatable boilers for various products (4,500-10,000 l)
  • Unit for the direct processing of 70 percent WAS in products (e.g. shower and foam baths)
  • Mixing and melting vessels in various designs
  • Water treatment plant (RO with UV sterilisation)
  • Storage tanks for raw materials and bulk goods
  • 3 Conti TDS powder wetting machines
Herstellung von Kosmetik

Bottling / Filling of Cosmetics

Our flexible systems enable the fast, safe and economical filling of various products in a wide range of container types and sizes.

  • 7 aerosol lines for the propellants propane/butane, DME and nitrogen (in any desired combination)
  • 6 bottling lines with the possibility of bottling up to 3 phases, also for flammable fluids
  • 2 High-performance filling line for plastic and metal tubes
  • 2 jars lines
  • Manual assembly lines for special products
Abfüllung von Kosmetik

Packaging & Logistics

From the fully automatic packaging of large batches to the manual packaging of very small editions, we will tailor your product to your individual requirements. Our flexible machinery also enables us to pack unusual packaging shapes.

Dankwardt – Verpackung & Logistik

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance is documented by the certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001/2015 and also takes into account all steps of the respective valid cosmetic GMP guidelines according to DIN EN ISO 22716/2007.

Because of our EcoCert COSMOS-certification, we are able to produce natural an organic cosmetics for our customers in full service. The customer can now sell a Cosmos product without himself being Cosmos certified and is allowed to use the Cosmos logo on its products.

EcoCert COSMOS OrganicEcoCert
Rudolf Dankwardt – Qualitätsmanagement