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... the place where ideas evolve into products

You can discover many interesting things here if you should be looking for information about cosmetic aerosols and liquid products: we offer a comprehensive service spectrum for targeted outsourcing according to your requirement profile.

We will gladly assume bottling and packaging for you so that your extra demands can be covered, either in full service or simply as a contract.

Together with our experienced staff and our modern and highly efficient machines, we are well-prepared for all tasks and assignments to fulfill your quality standards and meet your deadlines.


You may now ask for what companies, brand names and products we work for. We would gladly give you a detailed enumeration of our manifold products here. This would be an impressive list of well-known names. But would you want this as a client? Most likely not. This is why confidentiality has a high priority for us and has a higher value than mere advertisement. We will show you several product examples here, however, in compliance with our customers. Strict discretion also applies especially for know-how that clients have entrusted onto us. In our company, confidential information is strictly safeguarded because trust is the necessary basis for good business relations.

Our quality management is documented by DIN EN ISO 9001/20008 certification and includes all measures of the respectively prevailing Cosmetic GMP Guidelines.


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